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        联 系 方 式
        出国在线研发支持中心 button17_1.gif (1025 bytes) 地址 :北京市东城区东直门大街48号东方银座6B
        button17_1.gif (1025 bytes) 邮编 :100000
        arow.gif (821 bytes) 留学申请,咨询 abc@chuguo.cn
        arow.gif (821 bytes) 内容编辑 studying_edit@163.com
        arow.gif (821 bytes) 市场业务,开发合作 ads@chuguo.cn
        arow.gif (821 bytes) 客户服务 beijing@chuguo.cn
        arow.gif (821 bytes) 技术支持 tech@chuguo.cn
        arow.gif (821 bytes) QQ 610524528、2281738033
        button17_1.gif (1025 bytes) For foreign institutions that wish to benefit from this unique Going Abroad project or wish to receive further information please contact the International Office:
        Going Abroad OnLine button17_1.gif (1025 bytes) Add:Room6B, OrientSilverMansion, No.48 Dongzhimen Wai Street,Dongcheng District,Beijing,China
        button17_1.gif (1025 bytes) Email: ads@chuguo.cn